Camera Ready Paper Submission Guidelines

This following provides instructions for authors submitting camera-ready papers for publication in the proceedings of DSP 2017 as well as IEEE Xplore. Any questions regarding the submission of camera-ready papers should be forwarded to the DSP 2017 Publications Chair.
In order for your paper to be included in the DSP 2017 proceedings and IEEE Xplore, the following steps should be completed once for each paper:
Authors should submit their camera-ready paper via EasyChair before July 10, 2017. A copyright form needs to be send according to the instructions below. In addition, at least one author must register at a non-student rate (i.e. full delegate registration) by 30th June. One registration may cover a maximum of 3 papers. All the presentations will be ORAL, including 17 min talk and 3 min Question & Answer.

1. Update your paper

Authors are expected to update their paper in view of any minor changes recommended by the reviewers. The reviewers' comments will be included in paper acceptance emails to be sent by the end of June 2017 and can also be viewed within EasyChair.

Please note that the abstract and title should be readable stand-alone and not contain any references or unexplained acronyms. Changes to the title or abstract are allowed in order to comply with these requirements. Changes to the author list are allowed only under exceptional circumstances. All such changes must be approved by the TPC chairs.
All papers, including the ones for special sessions should adhere to the same guidelines to be considered and, eventually, be published in the proceedings.
All main conference and special session submissions should be written in English with a maximum paper length of five (5) printed pages (10-point font) including figures. Papers exceeding 5 pages will not be accepted. When preparing your final manuscript, please pay also attention to the following:
  • LaTeX is the preferred method to prepare you manuscript. Please use the standard LaTeX IEEE conference templates.
  • If you use Microsoft Word, please use the most current version, which will help reduce word-to-pdf conversion issues such as embedded fonts, bookmarks, etc. Also, please use the Word IEEE conference template.
  • Please do not include page numbers or headers/footers.
Only PDF files will be accepted for the review process and all submissions must be done through EasyChair. Please contact the Technical Program Chairs if you have any questions about submitting your manuscripts.
Papers must be submitted in Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) format. PDF files:
  • Must not have Adobe Document Protection or Document Security enabled
  • Must have either ‘US Letter’ or ‘A4’ sized pages
  • Must be in first-page-first order
  • Must have ALL FONTS embedded and subset

ALL FONTS MUST be embedded in the PDF file. There is no guarantee that the viewers of the paper (reviewers and those who view the electronic proceedings after publication) have the same fonts used in the document. Please refer to your PDF file generation utility’s user guide to find out how to embed all fonts.

2. Verify compliance with formatting requiments for IEEExplore

DSP 2017 papers willl be submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore – the IEEE Digital Library. Camera-ready PDF files must therefore comply with IEEE Xplore paper specifications. Failing to submit an IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file may result in the file not being included in the conference proceedings.

Before submitting camera-ready papers, authors are required to verify IEEE Xplore compatibility using the IEEE PDF eXpress.

The IEEE PDF eXpress service can be used to validate compliance and/or to convert papers from a wide range of different formats to IEEE Xplore-compatible PDFs. The service is free of charge for DSP 2017 authors and can be accessed as follows:

First-time users: Existing users:
  • Follow the above steps using the same password used for previous conferences. Please verify that your contact information is still valid.
Once this process is completed successfully, the system will show the type and date of copyright submission on the paper details page. Help with the IEEE PDF eXpress service is available here.

3. Submission of copyright form

Authors are required to transfer the copyright for their paper to IEEE. This has to be done electronically via email as follows:
  1. Download the copyright form (pdf and doc) and complete it with your personal information and paper details.
  2. Generate a scanned PDF of the completed copyright form
  3. Email your copyright form to

4. Upload your paper via EasyChair (replace your old submission with the new IEEE compatible Camera Ready one)

Before uploading your paper please ensure that:
  • the title, abstract and author list and order match exactly that declared in EasyChair;
  • all author names match exactly those declared in the corresponding EasyChair profile;
  • paper title is in title case;
  • special characters match the EasyChair entry (EasyChair supports UTF-8 special characters, such as äïöüßîçñé, etc.), and
  • the PDF file is compatible with IEEE Xplore (see details regarding PDF eXpress above).

IEEE Xplore compatible PDFs should then be uploaded to EasyChair in the usual way, this time clicking on the 'upload manuscript' icon next to the 'Final manuscript' field within the detailed paper view for your paper. After submission, it will be checked to ensure:
  • it complies with the page limit (maximum 5 in total, 4 pages of text and 1 for the list of references);
  • there are no headers/footers/page numbers;
  • all fonts are embedded;
  • there are no links, and
  • there are no bookmarks.

We offer the possibility of 1 or 2 pages oversize which has a cost of 80 GBP per page. This needs to be paid by credit card during registration (please contact us before using this service).

Authors experiencing difficulties with the submisison of camera-ready papers can contact the DSP 2017 Publications Chair. Please include the paper number in the subject line of all correspondences.