Special Sessions

The following Special Sessions have been proposed and accepted for the conference:
  1. Mónica F. Bugallo, Víctor Elvira & Petar M. Djurić:
    Monte Carlo-based methods for inference of intractable models
  2. Yili Xia, Sithan Kanna & Tirza Dr Routtenberg:
    Signal Processing and Control Theory for Smart Grids
  3. Alexander M. Krot:
    Signal processing of self-organization structures and chaotic processes
  4. Yuexian Zou, Wenwu Wang & Dongmei Jiang:
    Deep Learning for Audio and Speech Processing
  5. Tiziana D’Orazio & Vito Renò:
    Signal Processing meets Industry 4.0
  6. Ljubisa Stankovic & Patrick Flandrin:
    Time-Frequency Analysis with Applications
  7. Ales Procházka & Toshihisa Tanaka:
    Multimodal Biomedical Signal Processing
  8. Wei Dai:
    Recent Advances in Sparse Inverse Problems
  9. Deepayan Bhowmik & Charith Abhayaratne:
    Multimedia Signal Processing for Cyber-security and Privacy
  10. Fusheng Bai:
    Numerical Optimization Techniques with Applications

Important Deadlines

  • Special Sessions proposals due: 20th February 2017 Extended to March 2, 2017
  • Notification of acceptance of Special Sessions: 10th March 2017
  • Submission of Special Session papers: 03rd April 2017 Extended to April 14, 2017